Confessions of a Boudoir Photographer

You would think that, as a boudoir photographer, I would be super confident in my body, sexuality, and well, just about everything, riiiight? I'm constantly preaching to women to love, embrace, and celebrate themselves!

The truth is, I'm on the struggle bus as much as anyone. I struggle with loving my body. I struggle to own the fact that I'm sexy as fuck. I struggle with worrying about if people will like me. Aaaand all of this brings me to an even bigger struggle: am I a hypocrite?

After lots of thought, my answer is a resounding NO. If anything, the fact that I struggle makes me more empathetic to my clients who struggle too. I've been on the other side of the camera, so I KNOW how scary it is to bare your body and soul. I too have stood in front of the mirror and picked apart every flaw. I'm guilty of hiding parts of myself that I'm worried people may ridicule or judge me for.

In Puerto Rico I was feeling myself, so I threw off my clothes, and got Brad to take photos of me on the beach

Learning to love myself will be an on-going process- and it will be for you too. Just because you aren't ready to rock a boudoir session today, doesn't mean that you will never have the courage to overcome your fears and bury your insecurities! Sometimes, you have to feel the fear and do the thing anyway. And sometimes, you need more time to heal.

Whatever your journey or your struggles, know that I understand, and I am here to help you! Make sure to join my Facebook group just for my boudoir babes, and follow Brad & I on Instagram & Facebook- we promise to deliver lots of uplifting content, and are always available to provide support for whatever you are struggling with!



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