Amanda + Blake | Couple's Boudoir | Birmingham, AL Photography

I am falling in love with couple's boudoir. The sweet cuddles, the hot & steamy moments, the connection. Amanda + Blake had a chemistry that was keenly felt when I shot their photo session. Here is their story, in Amanda's words.

We met when we were 9. Two kids on a play ground. Then he sat behind me in 10th grade during sex education. (seriously). He played with my hair. We then went our separate ways only being Facebook friends and liking pictures as we watched each others families grow. In 2019 he made a Facebook post after his divorce and I messaged him about keeping his private life private. (I do not dwell in other peoples business and we had not spoken in years and I wasn’t interested in a relationship so I have no idea why I would have done that.) He asked how I dated and I gave pointers on how to date with kids and divorce and he asked me to lunch. I thought it was only as friends. He was so nervous he gave me a weird side hug when we left and I thought he wasn’t interested. The next day he asked me to brunch then the next we had dinner and he kissed me for the first time. We have been together ever since.

Our song I would have to say is “I prayed for you”. I had never heard the song and he sent it to me when we were dating. He said the song represented his life and how things fell into place. (I kinda thought it was crazy but I was like oh okay). I had never heard the song until he sent it to me. Then literally every time I thought of him or how this relationship wouldn’t work (90 plus miles apart, life, careers, and missing him) this song would play.

Our relationship is growing and loving. I had been in an abusive relationship where I wasn’t appreciated. If he didn’t get his way he threatened divorce or would leave. I worked long hours to come home to clean up after him, cook for him, and it still wasn’t good enough. I lived in the gym to be better than the girls he was talking to and picking over me so I didn’t want anything like that. Blake was in a very long relationship that ended in an affair. We both had baggage but neither of us brought our past in our relationship. We are each other’s best friends, we talk, we laugh and we laugh a lot ( he is super silly and funny), we love and we love a lot (hmmm), and we never got to bed angry. He is patient and kind and loves to joke and play but he will be the first to hold me and be serious if I have had a tough day at work and need a second to cry over a patient or death ( nurse life). He has made me dinner, left me sweet cards, got in the shower just to wash my hair, and kissed my forehead. Our relationship is, in my opinion, complete. It is everything I could dream of and everything I knew I deserved but never had.

I have always loved Boudoir. I have followed many photographers and even Pinterest boards. Jennifer’s page was fun. It was uplifting and powerful. I wanted to have a shoot for years but felt like I wasn’t pretty or skinny enough to do it. In December Blake and I was on our way to Disney world as part of my Christmas and I just went for it. I remember sending in my deposit and after I hit send I was like oh no what have I done. Blake was all for doing it. I knew he would make the pictures look good. Lol. Oh and he did.

The best part of the shoot was Jennifer. She made me feel beautiful, she guided us to make the most perfect pictures, and she was patient. She is amazing. I felt relaxed and sexy. It wasn’t awkward and she was able to capture our pure love for each other.


I hope you've swooned over this sexy and sweet couple's photo shoot like I have!! Until next times, gorgeous babes!!



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