Puerto Rico was amazing.

The only "vacations" Brad & I have been on in the last few years has been Photo Rehab- the "un-workshop" of photography workshops. Basically, expect to drink a lot, have a ton of fun with people who become your chosen family, and take amazing photos. Puerto Rico was no exception. It was beautiful, it was a blast, it was HOT. My Scandinavian ass struggled with the heat, but the photos that came out of it were 100% worth the misery.

little girl playing in sand on beach in Puerto Rico
little girl playing in sand photo session
little girl and mother photo session on beach
mommy and me beach photos
mother showing little girl a rock on beach
little girl playing on rocks next to ocean in Puerto Rico
mother and daughter standing in the wind
little girl showing her mother a plant on the beach
mother hugging her daughter on beach in Puerto Rico
mother hugging her child family photography

Mommy & Me Beach Photos

How cute are this sweet single Puerto Rican mother and her little girl?? The little girl was a HOOT- she was just SO BUSY and wanted to be all the places at once. I nearly died of a heart attack multiple times when she got close to the cliff's edge. But in the end, their sunset photo session at the beach was lovely, dreamy, and full of fun. I took my usual approach with the little scamp, letting her play and do her thing, and I just followed her with my camera and documented her playing in the sand, showing off her rocks and plants that she discovered as she explored.

I am SO READY for a vacation- even if it includes being a photographer! What adventures are you going on next, and please.. take me with you!!