Our Story

​We are Brad + Jennifer Baugh, a husband and wife photography team based in Birmingham, Alabama. We love coffee, beer, trying new food, tattoos, adventure, and we both swear better than a shriveled old sailor. If you love constant movie & song references and "that's what she said" jokes, we will be best friends. We are obnoxiously in love, so we apologize in advance for making you gag. 

We met nearly four years ago on Words With Friends, and we fell in love the instant we laid eyes on each other. If soulmates or twin flames are a thing, we are it. We got married October 2nd, 2018 in Estes Park, Colorado, and our perfect day with our Photo Rehab family is why we have a passion for elopements and intimate weddings.


We want our couples to experience the simplicity and beauty of a day that is about the two of them, while we capture it all in a laid-back, documentary style.

Wanderlust is in our bones. Our dream is to someday live in a VW van and travel the world. If you want portraits in Paris, or if you want to elope to Ireland or Iceland, we are totally down. We want to share in your adventure.




Jenn is a chameleon- she's always evolving, and it's most evident in her hair and wardrobe. She's a self-proclaimed coffee snob and foodie. She LOVES tattoos- everyone expects her to look like Kat Von D someday (just PLEASE no ink on the face!)

Her passion is for boudoir photography- she loves how empowering it is for women. Her goal in life and work is to lift others up, because she knows what it's like to be torn down.


Brad is an engineer by trade, photographer by passion. He eats absolute garbage, but looks like a Greek god. His favorite foods are beer and bacon. He's a hardcore feminist, and treats everyone he meets with kindness and respect.

He started his photography career shooting preschool portraits- he's really fucking happy to not be doing that anymore. His Irish heart longs to go to Ireland- so it's high on our bucket list!

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