This is your adventure story.

It's time to tell your story.

We are in love with love, and we want to capture it, freeze it in time, so that you can cherish it forever...


...whether you want to profess your love on a mountaintop...


 ...with a few friends in a greenhouse...

...if you want to tell the story of your family,

and how you enjoy cuddling in the hammock...

...or if you're just learning to love yourself for the first time...

...whatever adventure story you want to tell, we want to be there to capture it.

Who we are



​We are Brad + Jennifer Baugh, a husband and wife photography team. Elopements, tiny weddings, and boudoir are our favorite things to capture.

Our clients are not just our clients- they are our friends. So it's super important to us that we are a good fit for you.


Adventure is what we live for, so we are down for any ideas for awesome photos you might have- even if it's camping in the wild. As long as there's coffee.

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Let's Be Friends!

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Let's plan your adventure!